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Sample ID:

Sample Type:
Mural painting
(Sub-Type: micro-fragment;powder)

9.6 g   (sample weight+glass holder)

Other info about sample identity:
Assisi Bas.INF.Cimabue [hand written note]; Bianco decorazione [label glued to the glass holder]

Geographic Location:
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Basilica Papale di San Francesco

Historical note about the site/monument:
Basilica of Saint Francis (Italian: Basilica di San Francesco). The basilica’s construction began around the year 1228, when Francis of Assisi was canonized. Its Romanesque belfry was completed in 1239, and the basilica was consecrated in 1251. Following the designs of Master Jacopo Tedesco, it consists of an Upper Church, Lower Church, and crypt. The structure combines elements of Romanesque and Gothic styles. Both the Upper Church and Lower Church are decorated with frescoes, including a cycle (possibly by Giotto) illustrating the life of Francis of Assisi, works of Lorenzetti, and a painting of the Crucifixion by Cimabue. Frescoes dating to the 17th century and executed by Cesare Sermei and G. Martelli are also represented in the basilica.

Further reading:
Lunghi, E. (1996). The Basilica of St Francis at Assisi: The Frescoes by Giotto, His Precursors and Followers. Thames and Hudson. ISBN-10: 0500278342.
Bonsanti, G., G. Roli and S. Sartarelli (1998). The Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi: glory and destruction. New York, NY, USA: HN Abrams. ISBN-10: 0810927675.

Chronological period (sample):
13th century

Other info about sample provenance:
Assisi, Basilica inferiore, Cimabue [hand-written note]; Bianco decorazione [label glued to the glass holder]

Photos/Documents (provenance):
Fig.1: Overview of the Basilica Papale di San Francesco d’Assisi. Photo of Berthold Werner. Public domain.

Fig.2: Overview of La Maestà by Cimabue. Photo by The Yorck Project (2002) [Public domain]