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Sample Type:
Mural painting
(Sub-Type: cross section;micro-fragment)

1.2 cm L   (fragment in the cross section)

0.05 g   (micro-fragments weight)

Geographic Location:
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Chiesa di Santa Maria dell'Orto

Historical note about the site/monument:
Located in the Trastevere neighborhood, Santa Maria dell’Orto is a three-nave church completed in the 1566/7. It was designed by an unknown architect associated with Bramante in order to house a miraculous painting of the Virgin and Child. Its construction was financed by a group of 12 università (professional associations, or groups of craftsmen). The façade of the church has changed little since the 16th century, but the frescoes of its interior (many of which were added a century or more after the completion of the building) have a varied and occasionally Baroque style. Paintings by Zucarri can be found in the apse and frescoes by Baglione, famed rival of Caravaggio, in the presbytery and certain side chapels.

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Chronological period (sample):
16th century

Photos/Documents (provenance):
Façade of the church (photo by Joe Shlabotnik, / CC BY-SA 2.0)

Apse of Santa Maria dell’Orto (photo by Peter1936F, / CC-BY-SA 4.0)